Date Venue Location
06/11/2015 Pier 115 Edgewater, NJ
06/12/2015 Djais Belmar, NJ
06/13/2015 Private Event
06/27/2015 Private Event
08/1/2015 Electric Adventure Atlantic City, NJ

Ever see a DJ trio in action mixing live?

The “3” in PRESTIG3 DJ is exactly what makes them 3 times more the fun. PRESTIG3 comes into any club with energy like no other. PRESTIG3 is an official artist of Crooklyn Clan which is the #1 DJ music website. They are based out of Hoboken, NJ this trio is the next threat to the EDM world. PRESTIG3 DJ’s are filled with high energy, playing most of their own produced tracks, mixes, and mash-ups at their shows. Currently, they have an official residency in Hoboken, NJ and the Jersey Shore’s most popular club D’JAIS.

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Throw up your thre3s.